“A teaching artist is a practicing professional artist with complementary skills curiosities and sensibilities of an educator, who can engage a wide range of people in learning experiences in, through and about the arts.”

– Eric Booth


The following is an example of a collaboration combining teaching an theatre making objectives.


The Beautiful? Game

A performance dialogue on the effect(s) of the FIFA World Cup on gender, masculinity, identity and sexual health. 

June – August 2014

The Beautiful? Game was a project initiated by US based Forum Theatre practitioner, Bobby Gordon. It was proposed as a performance collaboration with Drama for Life performer-collaborators for showcase at the 2014 Drama for Life Sex Actually Festival.

The project was taken up by the Drama For Life Applied Theatre Honours Study Class as a practice-as-research component to a course titled: Per(form)ance, Refl'(action) and Comm(unity) facilitated and coordinated by Tshego Khutsoane as Course Convenor..

The process involved an intensive 5-week research, design and devising process facilitated via, email, skype between UCLA and Wits and in studio with practitioner Bobby Gordon, Tshego Khutsoane and the Applied Theatre Honours class of 2014.

One of the goals of the exploration period was to undergo a facilitated process in which the students actively engage with a model of theatre making, as a template of approaching issue-based applied theatre work. This theatre making process involved the application of theatre techniques to themes relating to the subject matter highlighted in the heading above.

Applied Theatre Improvisation methods and techniques emphasised inclusive and diverse methods of investigation, within the containing frame of an academic study programme. Through structured explorations around Forum Theatre and Devised Theatre Making approaches students shared ownership and authorship of the learning experience and the creation of the performance ; gaining exposure to an inter-related illumination of the complex local and global attitudes, beliefs and socio-economic experiences relating to the specifics of the Fifa World Cup.

The project culminated in the presentation of a multi-media performance dialogue, interrogating the effect(s) of the FIFA World Cup on gender, masculinity, identity and sexual health.


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