Social Activist

" Social Activism is an intentional and vigorous action or involvement aimed at bringing about social change."

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Teaching Artist

“A teaching artist is a practicing professional artist with complementary skills curiosities and sensibilities of an educator, who can engage a wide range of people in learning experiences in, through and about the arts.” - Eric Booth -

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Tshego facilitates processes using applied drama and theatre methodologies  to meet Diversity, HIV/Aids Education, Gender and Sexuality, Change Management, Dialogic and Team Building goals and objectives. Facilitation partners include: Playing Mantis (for more on the team here) HEAids (see futurebeats information here) Drama for Life

Jacaranda Time 2017

The Centre for the Less Good Idea Season 2 Interdisciplinary Incubator Space for Arts Full performance in collaboration with: Tegan Bristow (Curating Artist) Mwenya Kabwe (Writer) Cameron Louis Harris (Composer) Thandazile Sonia Radebe (Dancer)View full performance Tshego Khutsoane (Poet)      

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